Cintia Stela

Cintia Stela has over 9 years of experience in advertising and production arts. She has a bachelor’s degree in Communications and Advertising from Cásper Líbero College, Brazil.

Cintia worked for 5 years in her hometown of São Paulo as a graphic designer. In 2008 she moved to Vancouver, BC, and began working for a boutique marketing firm, where she stayed for over 4 years.

In 2012, Cintia set out on her own and founded Stela Creative Services, a graphic & web design business. This allowed her to work directly with her clients, something she really enjoys.

Apart from the graphic and web design work Cintia provides, she also enjoys improving her skills in HTML5, Responsive Web Design, WordPress Theme Development, Search Engine Optimization and Inbound Marketing Methodology, making her a well-rounded marketing professional.

Over the years, Cintia has worked for clients in numerous industries and fields, including: legal services, educational institutions, online retail stores, veterinarian hospitals, food and beverage, ceramic tiles, car insurance, and TV broadcasting channels.


In addition to Cintia’s graphic design skills, she also has a passion for song writing, reading self- and professional-development books, and yoga.

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