On-Page SEO Services

Graphic Design is Stela Creative’s specialty. However, we know that optimizing your website pages to ensure they can be found by your target market through search engines is just as important as having a great looking and user-friendly website.

To increase your ranking in search results, and getting more clicks to your website from the search results page, our On-Page SEO Services are based on the following On-Page SEO guidelines.

  1. Keyword Search – Choosing one (1) primary keyword relevant to the page’s content 
  2. Page Title – Creating unique page titles that include your primary keyword
  3. Meta Description – Creating a compelling message to attract page visitors 
  4. Page URL – Defining easy to read URLs including the primary keyword
  5. Heading Tags (H1) – Writing headings keyword-aligned with page title and the URL 
  6. Page Content – Naturally mentioning the keywords a few times throughout the page
  7. Call to Action – Creating a visually attractive image/button that links to a specific landing page
  8. Internal Links – Creating links on related pages that link back to the page being optimized
  9. Images – Optimizing most prominent image on the page using the primary keyword

Contact us today for more information on getting On-Page SEO for your website. 

And for more details about On-Page SEO Guidelines, read our blog post: On-Page SEO Guidelines.

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